Monday, 24 April 2017

Jumble Sale Haul 1

There do seem to be fewer jumble sales about around here so I have been waiting for the latest one to happen and made sure that I got there before the end. It was a Scout jumble sale and in a very well-heeled village so I thought there might be a few bargains to be had ! They did charge £1 entrance rather than the more usual 50p, but as it was for the Scouts I didn't mind.

I had a look for a pair of school trousers, as that is the last thing on my list and although I did find a pair in the right waist size they were clearly too short as he has shot up so much. I didn't look at the rest of the clothes as we are trying to keep to the clothes buying moratorium for the rest of us !

I was more successful at the book stall, where as I was looking they declared that it was £1 for 4 books. I managed to find 3 that I really wanted and then added in a fiction book to make it up to the four.

This was the first item I found. Maps are expensive and we do a lot of walking. Often, I just download a map off the internet but with this up-to-date ordnance survey map we can find some new areas to explore.

I weeded my cookbooks earlier on in the year, trying to get rid of ones which I did not use regularly, one of the ones I kept was the original Cranks recipe book as it has a recipe for untested bread which I often use. When I saw this one I thought that it might have some new recipes for us to try and I'm looking forward to trying some out.

This was the fiction book that I added in to make the total up to four. I read some of the Nora Roberts I bought at the last jumble sale and gave others away as they were just too silly ! I'm hoping that this will be one of the better ones !

Finally, a really useful book. You don't need to have an allotment to make use of this one as it has plenty of advice on fruit and vegetable growing which everyone can make use of. MrShoestring is out there today weeding the blackcurrants as this is one of the jobs for April. It also reminded us about using some organic fertiliser on them !

All in all, a good little haul for only £1 !

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