Monday, 29 February 2016

Jumble Sale Haul 1

Jumble sale season has started ! Hoorah as this is definitely one of my favourite weekend activities, setting out with a budget and discovering what I can ! Round here there are no jumble sales in the run up to Christmas as people are spending elsewhere and afterwards when people have no money left there is no point trying to raise money. However, Spring is round the corner and the Brownies and the Women's Institute held a sale this week.

For readers from abroad a jumble sale is a huge sale of unwanted second-hand goods donated by volunteers to raise money for a good cause. You are charged a small entrance fee to the sale, 50p for both of these and then you pay under a pound for each item and usually much less. Stalls usually include Ladies, Mens and Children's clothes, books and CDs, bric- a-brac and shoes and luggage. Both the sales had lots of items on each stall, the Brownies were cheaper and the Women's Institute had better quality items !

I had said that I was going to cut down on spending on books but I saw 7 books including the one above which were brand new and got the lot for 2 pounds making an average of 29p a book, this is cheaper even than ordering a book from the library so I got them. Most were for Master Shoestring including the one above and  a book on winning at chess and 2 thrillers. I also got a huge hardback brand new for Mr Shoestring's birthday which I'll tell you about later in the week !

Where do you buy books ?

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  1. I don't think we have jumble sales here, but we do have rummage sales where people donate their items to a good cause. Either way, a sale like that is so much fun! I'm so happy that you got so many great bargains! :)