Friday, 10 June 2016

Canadian ETA

Until I started researching what else I still needed to do for our trip in the Summer I did not realise that Canada as well as the USA expects you to receive electronic authorisation to land at an airport. In the USA this is called and ESTA but in Canada it is an ETA.

We are flying to Toronto rather than Boston to start our journey to see USA Shoestring, he lives only 50 miles south of the Canadian border and going to Canada saved us over 1000 pounds on the three air tickets. It is going to be quite a long drive but a nice one !

When I went to start the ETA process I was a bit shocked to discover all the websites which charge you extra on top of the normal fee to 'help' you with your application ! Make sure that you just use the plain and simple ETA site, nothing with anything added to the name or you are quite likely to be charged extra !

The internet is a wonderful thing, I could make my applications for the ETAs very quickly but it is also full of scams so you have to watch out !

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