Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Once a month grocery shopping

As I explained yesterday I try to menu plan once a month and then do a big shop to match it. Once I know what meals I will be making I make a long list of things we need and include household items that we might be running out of such as washing up liquid.

Once I have the list I have a look at my price book and website which lists prices for lots of supermarkets round about and then next to the item I want I mark the initial of the place which has it at the cheapest price. Sometimes I check a price at an online retailer as well which I know has had good prices in the past.

Once the list is done I work out what is going to be the quickest way to do the shopping. Last Wednesday for June I worked out that travelling further would save me money as I would be able to visit Lidl and Aldi at the same time and then pick up more specialist items at another supermarket on the way back.

In total I spent 2 hours shopping and another half an hour unpacking and dividing up larger packets into smaller ones to put in the freezer. At present I am finding that loss leaders at the supermarkets are beating on-line retailers like Approved Foods and bulk buy stores like Costco. I have tried these stores in the past and local markets but at present this is the cheapest way to shop for us. Grdening at home also helps a lot.

How do you grocery shop ?

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