Sunday, 5 June 2016

Jumble Sale !

I found a lovely book at the jumble sale yesterday, it is called " Keep Smiling Through" and has lots of little details and pictures about life in Britain during the Second World War. I'm quite keen on WW2 cook books as they contain lots of good thrifty recipes which are often allergy-friendly because people had such trouble getting eggs and dairy produce !

The book reminded me of a lovely blog I have recently found called 'Remembering the Old Ways', do pop over if you are interested in good recipes and a glimpse inside a lovely home and family life.

At the jumble sale it was 3 books for a pound so I added a couple of holiday novels to the one above which is the one I really wanted. It is a hardback and I'll get a lot of pleasure from looking at it and remembering to be as thrifty as they were !

I was also looking for a photograph frame for a photo of USAShoestring's graduation which I found when I was cleaning up the letter rack the other day. I found a lovely brass one, brand new and all for 40p. I also got a pretty hanky and a silk scarf. the silk scarf was going in to the gift cupboard but as I looked at it I thought that the colours would go rather well with all the brown clothes I wear in the winter so it's gone in my cupboard instead, not bad for 40p !

I hope the weather will cheer up today and we will be able to go to a band concert in the park, last chance to go out before back to work after a lovely, busy week's holiday at home.

What are you doing today ?

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