Thursday, 2 June 2016

Water Saving

Lovely surprise in the post today as Affinity Water our supplier is offering free water saving gadgets ! We don't pay as much for our water as some people as we have a septic system so don't pay for waste water and a well so don't pay for garden watering or car washing and we have a meter so only pay for what we use. However, I'm always looking for ways to save and Affinity were offering a more efficient shower head for free so I went ahead and ordered one !

They were also offering 2 free tap aerators, which was very handy as the one in the kitchen keeps falling off ! I was just thinking that it was time to replace it ! They also had free shower and tooth brushing timers and special gel to put in your flower pots so you won't have to water them so often ! I ordered one of all of those. i was slightly disappointed that we did not qualify for a free plumber's visit to fix leaking taps as we have one in the bathroom which is leaking hot water ! However, Mr Shoestring does know how to fix that, he just needs to get the time to do it !

I look forward to receiving all the water saving products and trying them out ! Maybe the bill will go down !!

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