Friday, 3 June 2016

Spending in May

Now that May is over and our guest is gone it is time to reckon up the finances. Not too bad, managed to save 54% of our income and that was after paying for a few treats for the guest and changing internet and telephone provider.

We were just so tired of the poor service from TalkTalk and especially the difficulties Master Shoestring was having completing his homework that I broke down and ordered a good deal on BT fibre broadband. Getting out of the contract with TalkTalk meant paying a penalty of just over 34 pounds, as the contract had until August to run, but the deal with BT came with a 100 pounds Mastercard and 30 pounds cash back so that should make up for it, as long as I manage to claim them both ! I paid the line rental in advance for a whole year and we should switch on Thursday to a faster service which will cost less per month ! I hope it will be better !

Food was under budget, petrol was over budget and I'm still managing to keep the book buying in check, so altogether a good month !

How did you do last month ?

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