Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Menu Planning

I do not use a special menu planning sheet when I am working out what to cook for the month. I just use a calendar page from a calendar that we are given at the start of the year. I find the ones with squares are just big enough to write down a main course and a pudding. In busy weeks or months this often means that only the first week is filled in as then we eat exactly the same for the remaining 3 weeks. This saves time and also means that people look forward to their favourites e.g.) pizza on Saturday !

This week we are eating:-

Sunday Roast Chicken, brown rice, vegetables and steamed jam pudding
Monday Chicken Curry , bulgur wheat, leftover jam pudding
Tuesday Chicken Fajitas, fruit salad
Wednesday Spaghetti Bolognaise, leftover fruit salad
Thursday Lentil Soup and Bread, fresh fruit
Friday Pork Chops, chips and peas, cake
Saturday Pizza and sorbet

Some of the meals are more complicated than others, e.g.) homemade pizza on Saturdays when we have time to make the dough from scratch and some are really easy like pork chops as we are busy doing housework that day.

Master Shoestring has been requesting more meat recently so this month there has been a near meal nearly every day, still managing to stick to the budget by looking for bargains that are nearly out of date and then freezing them.

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