Sunday, 12 June 2016

Repair !

I hope that you can see the picture above, it is the old light switch in Master Shoestring's room which he discovered in the middle of the night last week had failed.

Mister Shoestring said that he would have to manage with the bedside lamp until he could get around to getting the parts and fixing it.

Well he went to get the parts from a new shop which has opened up near us, Screwfix. The part that he needed only cost 56p and the light switch was as good as new. All he had to do was unscrew it and replace it.

Mister Shoestring says that you do not need to be afraid of doing simple electrical repairs at home. Turn everything off at the mains so you will be safe and then use a good DIY manual or YouTube video to show you what to do.

Mister Shoestring was ever so pleased with a 56p repair bill rather than a £60 call out charge !

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