Wednesday, 29 June 2016

On not getting a dog, yet !

One of the things which Master Shoestring hung on to when he had to change schools earlier this year was the idea that we would get a puppy in the Summer and he would look after it. For many weeks he looked at pictures and read books and talked about it just before prayers. We said that we would  give him dog care equipment for his birthday and then bring a puppy home after visiting USAShoestring next month.

However, as the birthday crept closer and we kept asking what sort of dog and when we should sign up for dog training classes etc. Master Shoestring grew ever vaguer in his replies. Over the past couple of weeks he said that he would have to think about it some more and then last night said that he did not think he was ready for a dog. We asked him why and he said that he was probably still too lazy to look after an animal properly !

In a way we are proud of him as it would have been very easy to make promises and the renege on them and leave Mum and Dad to do all the work. However, we also pointed out that getting a dog might help motivate him not to be so lazy ! So he's going to think about it and let us know when he is ready, but we won't be getting dog care equipment for his birthday !!

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