Tuesday, 7 June 2016

What we are eating this week

I menu plan for a whole month and then base my shopping at the start of the month on that plan. The plan starts with a pantry and freezer stock take to see how many meals I already have and then I plan to fill the gaps. There are several non-negotiable items on the menu, like roast chicken on Sundays but I do sometimes vary what we have with it. For example we have lots of rice in stock so most Sundays that has been the accompaniment rather than roast potatoes. Here's the menu for this week, sometimes I eat something different because I can't eat what the others are having and I have recently upped the amount of meat as Master Shoestring is growing really quickly. Lots of egg and cheese based dishes are off the menu because of allergies as are fish and soya .

Sunday - roast chicken, roast potatoes(left over from our guest last week) vegetables, blackcurrant and apple pie with fruit frozen from the garden.
Monday - chicken cacciotore with leftover tomato sauce from pizza on Saturday, leftover pie
Tuesday- chicken fajitas( with the last of the chicken from Sunday), fresh fruit
Wednesday - pork and peas ( a slow cooker dish with dried peas and reduced pork) served with homemade french bread, tinned fruit
Thursday- homemade soup made with stock from the Sunday chicken, homemade bread, homemade cake ( banana muffins this week)
Friday - homemade beef burgers and chips with vegetables, homemade chocolate crispie cakes
Saturday - homemade pizza and salad, sorbet

What are you having this week ?

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