Thursday, 30 June 2016

Glis glis !

Lots of these little fat dormice live in our loft. They live up there and breed like rabbits and make a terrible racket and are protected so you have to pay 60 pound cage deposit to the council and 15 pounds every time they come to collect one when you catch it ! Our record was 36 caught one Summer, so you do the Maths ! They are originally from Italy but Baron Rothschild who lived nearby released them into the wild round here and they like lofts better than trees. Most of the year they hibernate so then things are quiet but the rest of the time we are regularly woken up by them.

So in the end, we got licensed as pest controllers by Wildlife England and bought our own humane trap ! Now we catch our own and do not pay the council guy to come and do it for us ! It was him that told us it was possible to do that as he was so tired of making his way down our pot-holed drive. The trap came from Canada and as long as it is baited with apple works very well ! I just wish they would stop coming but there is always one that we miss before the hibernate in October and then the whole cycle starts again !

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