Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Trying a musical instrument

We have had an old guitar lying in a cupboard and Mister Shoestring wanted to learn how to pick out a tune. We found lots of instructions and videos online so he could have a go and see if he wanted to continue to having lessons. In the end he wasn't that committed but the videos saved us having to pay for a few lessons to find that out and also saved a teacher from wasting their time on a pupil who wasn't going to continue.

Now we have donated the guitar to a wonderful music school in Africa which refurbishes instruments for youngsters in the developing world as we now know that none of us are going to play it but the videos were a cheap, fun way to find out that the instrument needed a home elsewhere !

What do you do for music lessons ?

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  1. That is a great idea to use internet instruction to test the waters. I teach music lessons professionally and it is frustrating to get students that aren't interested anymore after a couple of lessons but still we keep going. For my kids I have taught them, we have used internet instruction, they and I have learned together and I have paid for music lessons a little bit.