Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Cheaper Meat

When I go shopping in between the big monthly shops I always have a look in the reduced sections just to see what might be there. Usually there is a lot of processed food which is no good for us but I have discovered that Tesco often has reduced near on Wednesdays. Sometimes I get really lucky and score several packs all reduced to the same low price and then I stock up but even if it is just a little piece of steak for a birthday, a low price is still worth buying. My target price for meat is under £4 a kilogram and if I see some at this price I will usually buy it even if we do not need it just now. The only barrier is if I do not have any food budget left.

This week I was lucky. I got a whole set of pork ribs for £1.25 and 850g of pork mince for £2. These prices were well under the target price so I snapped them up. The ribs will go in the slow cooker to make lots of pork and peas and the pork mince was divided up into 3 portions to make meat loaf with. Master Shoestring will be delighted with some more meat meals next month !!

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