Sunday, 19 June 2016

The Frugal Week

I was trying to think about what we had done to be thrifty this week and could not get past the rather large bill for a new satellite dish and cables to replace the old so that we can continue to have television reception. I know that it does not sound very frugal, but we cannot have an aerial on the roof because of an old covenant on the house and the loft one does not work well. So once we had unplugged the TalkTalk box on Tuesday to return to them we had no reception at all. The boys really enjoy watching sport and with Wimbledon coming up they wanted to have it fixed !

We did wait all week and then found a firm which was prepared to come out on Saturday and do the work for a very reasonable price, it is guaranteed for a year and should last for 30 years. So on an annual cost basis it should work out to be a bargain !

The nice thing was that we could easily afford the bill because of all the automatic thrifty things we do. For instance this week :-

we used an old trap from the loft to catch glis glis rather than calling the pest control;
we hunted for the cheapest petrol;
we used toilet tissue rather than tissues when I had a cold;
we picked wild flowers rather than buying them;
we ate leftovers for lunch at work;
we used a gift card to buy a birthday present so it was effectively free;
brought leftover fruit home from work and used it to make ice lollies, the fruit would otherwise have been thrown away !

It can be a bit of a shock though after pinching the pennies to spend all those pounds !

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