Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Tomato Paste

Delicious homemade pizza with the sauce on the base made with the bargain tomato puree I got on Friday night. This was the only other bargain I spotted along with the onions. The own brand of tomato puree was being discontinued and so was 10p off making it 30p for a 200g tube. I used to buy tomato puree in huge tins from Approved Foods and freeze it but now that Approved Foods are a bit expensive this was a bargain. So I stocked up with enough for a year. It will keep on the shelf no problem and then in the fridge once opened so now I know I can carry on making tomato sauce and bolognaise sauce for a whole year.

I have a feeling that some food prices will creep up this winter so I am keeping an eye out for bargains to stash away now. For instance celery is on offer at 29p a head this week so I will get a few heads and chop them up for the freezer as this is a great addition to winter curries and stews.

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