Sunday, 25 September 2016

Credit Fraud !

We have been so lucky this week thanks to the vigilance of Tesco bank. We only have 1 credit card and it is a Tesco one. We got it specially to benefit from the deals you get with Clubcard points. We have had free magazines mostly and the odd day out. We always pay off the monthly balance and look at the statement at least once a week just to check that there is no fraudulent spending on the card.

However, yesterday when I went to pay for this week's top-up shop, just under 10 pounds, the card was refused twice. In the end I had to pay with a debit card and came away puzzled as I knew that I had just paid the bill and had not seen any fraudulent activity on the bill.

I had just returned home when the bank rang us and said that they thought that someone else had been spending on the card. It turned out that they had blocked 14 transactions at iTunes that day and then had stopped the card just before I went to the supermarket. They had correctly surmised that I had not wanted to buy 14 pieces of music at iTunes based on my previous shopping history.

Now the cards have been destroyed and we are awaiting new ones. Mr Shoestring is still not convinced that this is not an elaborate scam and that someone somewhere is still spending on that card. However, as I pointed out to him as we have just paid the bill and will probably avoid using the card next month they won't be getting any money out of us !

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