Friday, 9 September 2016

Volunteers !

We have been out in the garden this week digging up the volunteers ! The vegetable kind ! So far we have had 3 meals of red-skinned potatoes from last year and have enough garlic to come us going all year. I'm still trying to use up 10 cloves from last year. Garlic is very reliable and we have yet to have a bad crop, when we plant it deliberately or go pulling up the volunteers ! It keeps very well and adds lots of flavour to cheap dishes. It is well worth growing.

Our original set was created just from separating a supermarket clove. People tell you not to do this but it worked fine for us and now 3 years later we are still planting cloves from produce that came from those original cloves. We just choose the fattest cloves left when planting time comes round and they seem to do very well !

Good luck with your garlic !

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