Monday, 5 September 2016

Saving Money on the Tube

Back to work in London today and as well as having an Oyster card I have discovered that varying your route to work also saves money.

Driving into work is not so cheap now that Islington did not respond to my oft repeated request for a parking permit ! But if I travel and avoid Zone 1 then I can pay almost the Off-Peak rate during the Peak times.

In order to discourage people from travelling into Zone 1 at busy times the Oyster card offers a peak fare of just over 4 pounds as opposed to 7 pounds at these times. If you do the same during off-peak times you save just under 2 pounds for each journey.

I worked out that although this is not the quickest route to travel the £25 pounds a month it will save me are well worth it. It is even more if we add the saving which Mr Shoestring will make, so we're going for slow travel. I've got a stock of library books to read on the commute so will class commuting as leisure time now !

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