Monday, 19 September 2016

Frugal slimming

Mr Shoestring has had a few pounds lingering since before we went on holiday. It is really good news as it means that his medication for vestibular migraines is working and he can eat more. However, it is also bad news as at our age a few pounds more than you should have now usually means quite a few pound more than it should in a few years time. He has had a foot injury since July which means that walking for running is painful but nevertheless this week he decided he must make more effort and lose that extra 12lbs before it turns into a whole stone.

Since Saturday he has lost 3lbs just by being more careful about portion size and doing 30 minutes on the exercise bike. The portion size was easy to control as we just used our kitchen weighing scale to make sure that he was only putting the recommended portion size of everything on his plate. Portions are much easier to measure than trying to calculate calories for everything last little thing you eat. The exercise bike does not put any pressure on his sore foot but still gets him slightly out of breath and he can listen to the radio at the same time.

Doing exercise has been the really big change as he really prefers to go for a run and when he could not do that he just stopped exercising at all, it was boring to do anything else. But now with the radio he says the time passes quickly and he is happy to go and do his minutes.

We are looking forward to seeing what the scales say on Saturday and I'm going to sue the blog to keep him accountable so he has lost all the extra by Christmas ! So far the cost of the slimming programme has been £0 !

He did look into the Hairy Bikers dieting programme as that is 'man' friendly but was horrified to discover that you had to pay to join ! The NHS website has lots of good advice for free and will send motivating emails if you don't have a group to keep you accountable ! So don't wait, commit, like Mr Shoestring to losing any excess avoirdupois by Christmas !

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