Friday, 16 September 2016

Daily Thrifty Tip 5

Walk to work ! This will definitely save money ! We live around 50 miles away from the place we are currently working. We get there via a combination of car, train and walking. Technically we could do without the car component and go by bicycle instead but this would substantially lengthen the commute which is already 1 1/2 - 2 hours already and would mean that we have to pay bus fare for Master Shoestring who gets dropped at school on the way.

However, we do walk as much as we can. We walk from the free parking place to the station and we walk a mile from the station to work, which takes around 15 minutes. There is a closer station but the walk does us good and also saves some money as the stop where we get off saves us crossing into another Zone. 

At first I really was not sure if all this trouble was worth it but now I am actually doing it and am watching the money trickle out of the account rather than gush I have decided that it is worth it !

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