Saturday, 17 September 2016

Enjoy your home !

After a busy working week which seems to have been divided into 3 sections, commuting, working and sleeping. One of the most frugal luxuries we have is staying at home !

Sleeping in past 0550, eating a leisurely breakfast, deciding when to do little jobs, enjoying the peace and quiet, inviting others over, all of these things are a pleasure after spending time in a busy, city environment and staying home does not cost anything unless you succumb to Internet shopping. Our budget is pinned right by the computer to make sure that this does not happen !

I'm slowing down and enjoying being at home during daylight hours, simple pleasures !


  1. Yes,I took a day off work yesterday and enjoyed not commuting to London. I watched 4 episodes of Wayward Pines. And relax.

  2. I love watching a good series but have newer heard of Wayward Pines, I shall go and research it. Many thanks for the tip !