Thursday, 22 September 2016

Free newspapers !

We do not buy any of the above but Mr Shoestring and I sometimes read free articles online. We are also very fond of the free local newspapers for using for all sorts of odd jobs around the house.

We use free papers for lighting the fire, for cleaning up spills, for wrapping up bones after we have used them for stock, for protecting the table when we are glueing or painting and for drying wet shoes.

Until I bought some micro fibre clothes I also used newspapers for cleaning the windows. Nowadays we always get a free a paper when we are passing the station and when we go to collect someone or drop them off there we often ask them to bring a few in case we are running low.

At present we are building up a stock pile for the winter and we will sometimes collect the free local paper on a Friday as it has lists of free local events and sometimes a coupon for the local fruit and vegetable warehouse which cuts £2 off a 56lb bag of potatoes, well worth having !

Have a look out for your free papers as they have lots of uses. The Evening Standard can also be quite a thoughtful read !

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