Saturday, 3 September 2016

Grocery Shopping

Yesterday was grocery shopping day and I had a £5 off a £40 spend voucher for Lidl so decided to go there. I knew that they would not have everything we needed e.g.) Rice Milk but hoped to get the bulk of the groceries there. I was quite worried when I made the list as I knew that I could only spend £90 in total in order to have some money left for school lunches and for produce shopping in subsequent weeks. In the end, I need not have worried as Lidl had a lot of offers on e.g.) fruit and vegetables at 29p or some things that were labelled XXL so you got one and a half times for your money. The XXL promotion meant that in some cases I had budgeted for 3 packets of something but only needed two, so that was a real help.

I used a calculator to keep track of how much I was spending and as soon as it went over £40 I went to the checkout. So that first transaction cost £35.35. I went round a second time to buy other things on the list and thought that I might be able to use a second coupon but the groceries only cost £32.09. Grand total at Lidl £67.44 much less than I was expecting !

Then I went to Tesco to get a few things that Lidl does not have  and a few things, like washing up liquid, which are cheaper there. This smaller shop was £13.73 and I got a free magazine ! Total so far for the month is £81.17 which gives me plenty of room in the budget to top up in subsequent weeks so I was very relieved.

I usually do not go to Lidl as it is a bit out of the way, around 7 miles away and does not advertise its prices anywhere so it is difficult to cost out whether it is worth going there. This time it was worth going so I might try it another time too !

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