Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Efficient ironing !

I am not fond of ironing, some people suggest it as therapy instead of going shopping but I really do not like it ! About 10 years ago I slipped a disc in my back and was unable to do anything around the home for at least 6 weeks. We had to pay for household help, including and ironing service. The ironing service charged a pound for 5 items so now when I do the ironing I iron 5 items at a time and then congratulate myself for saving such a lot when I have finished a basket. Silly I know but it helps when otherwise I would tempted to do no ironing at all !

One of the other things that helps is having equipment that makes the job go faster. A reflective ironing board cover irons both sides of the garment and an iron with a steam shot smooths wrinkles much quicker. Three weeks ago the steam shot function on my iron broke, there was nothing else wrong with it and I soldiered on just using heat. The ironing took much longer and I started leaving some clothes in the basket ! By this weekend there was a very large pile and I went into the garage and got the perfectly functioning iron which we are storing for USAShoestring. Hoorah, the steam shot function worked ! An hour later all the ironing was gone, I was so pleased and I'm sure that USAShoestring won't mind. So I saved the cost of an iron !


  1. I love ironing, especially watching TV as I do it. I've seen some people iron outside in the summer.

  2. Gosh, I'd love to know how you iron outside, do they use an extension cable ? Lucky you that you love doing it ! TV or a film helps but I still don't like it !