Friday, 23 September 2016

Free Wood !

At the start of August we telephoned our usual wood supplier and ordered a load of logs. This costs £90 but we have tried out other suppliers and this is the standard price around here and we usually get a few extra from this guy as he also does tree surgery work for us.

However, the still have not been delivered. The last time we called he got impatient with us and said he would come when he was ready. So we have decided not to use him again and look around for free sources of wood instead.

The first source is the garden, it is very large surrounded by lots of trees so there is always one needing trimmed or taken down. Mr Shoestring has been thinking about dealing with these trees for a while but now he is quite motivated to do so to get the wood for the stove. However, this will only work for next year as the wood needs to be seasoned first. So we were very pleased to see at the garden centre that they give away pallets for free. These are excellent for kindling and will save the logs we do have for heat !

The third way we are going to get free wood this winter is to go  foraging in the woods. We are surrounded by woodland and often see fallen limbs on the ground so some of those will be coming home with us now !

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