Sunday, 4 September 2016

Menu Plan

So this month's menu plan is based on having the same thing to eat each day of the week apart from a bit of a variation on Sundays. Some people would find that this is insufficiently varies for them but when I asked the family last month they said that they like having old favourites and also like being able to start a meal no matter who is the first in the house. So here is our plan !

Breakfast - Wheat biscuits, porridge or beans on toast, tea or coffee

Lunch - school lunch or sandwich, fruit and piece of cake, water to drink


Sunday - Meatloaf or roast chicken, roast potatoes, gravy, vegetables, steamed pudding or crumble

Monday- Pizza, salad, leftover Sunday pudding

Tuesday - Baked potatoes with choice of filling, fresh fruit

Wednesday - spaghetti bolognaise, salad, fruit salad

Thursday- Soup, bread and cake

Friday - Shepherd's pie, vegetables, steamed pudding

Saturday - Totillas or sausages, salad and chips, sorbet

This plan gives a basic outline but enough variation that people can take the initiative e.g.) with what type of soup we are going to have.

Last month I experimented with quite a few new recipes none of which the family liked so I ended up putting lots of leftovers in the compost. This month I'm hoping that family favourites will lead to less waste and more praise !

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