Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Dad's Army !

The original of this series is very popular in our household and the now grown-up children will watch episodes with glee when they are home. So we were intrigued to watch the film the other night and compare the two.

Master Shoestring did not like it all and left the room, he said that he thought it was a shame they had made it and that he couldn't watch it as it wasn't the same.

Mr Shoestring and I quite enjoyed it as it rounded out some of the characters and provided a bit of background to them. We especially enjoyed the greater role played by women in this version, with a wonderful Mrs Mannering at the head of the Mum's Army.

The costumes were good, Frank was allowed to grow up a bit and the spiv redeemed himself by sacrificing his stock of black market petrol to destroy Nazis ! Godfrey's sisters turn into a couple of Miss Marple types ! It was a great bit of evening fun !

Most of all it reminded us of a time when life was all about needs rather than wants and when bagging a pigeon for a pie would have been a red letter day, roll on a time when we are all as waste conscious as they were then !

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