Monday, 12 September 2016

Daily Thrifty Tip 1

September is a very frugal month for us and so I thought that it might be a good idea this week to show you all the thrifty things we do on an everyday basis.

My favourite decaffeinated tea is from Betty's in York but although it is not too expensive it is more expensive than the local supermarket's decaffeinated tea bags. However, I find the teabags too strong. So one day I thought to myself that it is only tea that is in the teabags, just like the tea that comes loose from Betty's.

So I cut open all the tea bags and tipped them into the tea tin. Now I have loose tea, which almost tastes as good as the expensive brand, certainly nice enough for everyday and I only need to use the amount that I want. Win-win and a definite saving. So I use the cheap tea in the tea tin everyday.

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