Sunday, 18 September 2016

Jumble Sale Haul

Yesterday I was really looking forward to going to a local jumble sale as I had run out of books to read on the train. Commuting such a long way everyday means that I have been averaging around 5 books a week and can only visit the library on Saturdays. By the end of the week pickings were very slim and I had to resort to a textbook which I have to read for my course, interesting but less enjoyable than some !

So I was delighted to find that the jumble sale had a good selection so I bought 5 new books ! One of them was a Jodi Picoult which I hadn't read before. I was delighted to find this as I always find her work thought-provoking although sometimes her characters are less than sympathetic, I look forward to trying the one shown above at some point this week ! I also got a really thick biography of Leonardo da Vinci which I am sure will be interesting.

I had to pay 50p a book which compares favourably with the library reservation fee of 60p but is slightly more than I was expecting to pay since by going at the end of the sale I usually get a bit of a discount. I had a feeling that this year the Scouts had a target to meet and I do not begrudge supporting a great local youth organisation whilst at the same time holding off commuting boredom !

I also went to the library and found 5 more books which I am looking forward to reading and since none of these were reservations those were free which is even better. If I am honest I almost did not buy the books at the sale as I was thinking that maybe the library would have enough to keep me busy. But then I thought about what would happen if I could not find anything at the library. Then I might be tempted to buy a book or magazine on the way home ! Instead, I spent less than the cost of a monthly magazine and got 5 books to hold in reserve in case the library has nothing on a Saturday. This does happen sometimes as things get very busy on a Saturday and sometimes there are only lots of books in genres which I do not like left !

I also got 7 Hallmark cards and a pair of snowflake tights for the Winter and spend £4.50 including the entry fee. Good value for money and much less than the cost of a new book !

It looks as if jumble sale season is starting round here again after the Summer holidays as there are 2 sales over the next fortnight. September and October tend to be busy for jumble sales, although I think there are fewer than there were a few years ago as people are keeping their stuff for longer. By November Advent and Christmas sales have started so I shall be going to every sale in the hope of scoring a few things from my list !

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