Monday, 26 September 2016

Wasp eradication !

A few weeks ago Mr Shoestring was stung a couple of times as he tried to cut back the bushes near a corner of the house. He saw a lot of yellow and black insects flying in and out of the wall and because his sting had a stinger left in it he supposed that they were bees and left them alone.

Over the past few weeks he has noticed a couple of nests of the same insects buried in holes in the lawn. Were they really bees ? I was a bit nervous about having so many of the insects flying around as I am very allergic to bee and wasp stings and carry an adrenaline pen around with me.

Today Mr Shoestring decided he must act and after taking pictures of the winged pests finally discerned that all the nests were types of wasps and it would be fine to destroy them. The ones in the lawn were easy targets for some powder he had in the workshop left over from the time we had a nest of wasps in the loft. The ones in the wall were less easy. They were very aggressive and getting the powder into the nest was much more problematic. He managed a bit and will probably go back and hit the nest a few more times over this week as the population of wasps decreases. We can afford to wait as a packet of wasp killer powder is a lot cheaper than calling out the pest controller, even with the stings !

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