Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Save with a car kettle !

Imagine beautiful holiday scene here !

We have had a car kettle since Master Shoestring was little and needed baby food warmed up when we were out and about. I was fascinated to learn that really early cars had an in-car cooker which could warm up your fish and chips next to the engine as you were travelling to a picnic !

Our kettle plugs into the cigarette lighter when you are travelling and ensures that when you stop for a break the water is already boiled for a cuppa ! A jar of coffee and/or a teabag and you are all set. The little cups wash very easily at the services and then you are all set for the next brew at the next stop. It saves quite a bit on a long journey when you want to stop regularly but do not want to pay motorway service prices !

No picture today as blogger seems to having trouble with them ! I hope that it is fixed tomorrow !

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