Saturday, 27 February 2016

A Thrifty Visit

Miss Shoestring is on her way to the USA to visit ShoestringUSA. That does not sound very thrifty you might think but she got a flight for less than the price of a package tour as February is not a popular month. She also has no accommodation costs as she will be staying with ShoestringUSA and he lives in a small town so no shopping opportunities ! Instead there will be lots of weather and nature, very relaxing after lots of working in the City.

The extra thrifty thing Miss Shoestring is doing is that she is going to take a few presents for later on in the year in her hand luggage and that will save the cost of postage. She is using public transport to get to the airport and bringing her own food, so a thrifty offshoot from the Shoestring family and she has already promised to do no souvenir shopping, just bring home some pictures !

Do you do thrifty travel ?

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