Thursday, 4 February 2016

How to grow your own basil

This is our little basil plant flourishing in the Dining Room during the Winter. It is directly off the Kitchen so very handy for a quick pick whilst cooking. Growing your own herbs is much cheaper than buying and ensures that you always have a fresh supply.

Basil can be difficult to germinate in the UK as it likes nice, warm temperatures, such as those found during Italian Summers, rather than English ones. However, I found that this can be mimicked by placing a plastic bag secured by an elastic band over the pot whilst it germinates. It also helps to put the pot by a radiator ! Once fooled into starting to grow the plant is easy to look after with watering and a quick feed once in a while.

Just behind the basil you might also be able to see the coriander which I keep for salsa making, too much salt in shop-bought versions ! Coriander also likes nice warm conditions but we have grown this outside with great success and packed away a lot in the freezer, the little plant at the back is just for the occasional fresh bit.

Do you grow herbs ? Which ones are most successful ?

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