Saturday, 20 February 2016


I was delighted to receive this lovely Cath Kidston tea cosy from Freegle the other day. My favourite decaffeinated tea is from Betty's in York and now I have a tea cosy as posh as the tea ! Freegle is the equivalent of Freecycle in our area and over the years we have had quite a few things from there, including the piano and piano bench, which were an absolute bargain !

I think the idea of a webpage where you could advertise unwanted items for free and have them collected by others who wanted them was originally thought of in the USA, what a wonderful idea ! Now I am looking forward to giving back just as soon as ShoestringUSA tells us we can clear out his room !

A recent idea here that I have also been enquiring into is the Buy Nothing groups. These work on Facebook similar to Freecycle but include smaller items like the milk which will go off before you get back from holiday. I was interested in starting a Buy Nothing group round here so contacted them to find out how to do it. I got a reply last week but it came with 2 pages of Dos and Don'ts about being the moderator so I've decided that I'm not up to the job and hope that someone else will start one soon !

Do you have Freecycle or Buy Nothing is your area ?


  1. I use freecycle regularly, I have found some really useful items x

  2. We do have a Freecycle here but I have never heard of the Buy nothing group before. I used Freecycle quite a bit at one time but then they changed their format and I got out of the habit.

  3. I think that Buy Nothing is quite new but they have a website where you can look up whether there is a group in your area.

  4. I have never used them as we live in such a rural area, but it sounds like a wonderful way to recycle things that would typically just get thrown away!