Sunday, 28 February 2016

Pause for Lent

I have been reading in Mark again and have reached Chapter 9, Mark is quite a short gospel and I think next week I shall reach the story of Easter week, appropriate as March begins and we creep closer to that outburst of joy that is Easter. The flowers have been having their own joyous display already here even though it hasn't got above 5C all week. It really makes a difference to your mood when there is a bit of blossom out and there are lighter evenings and mornings.

The verses which made me the most thoughtful in the chapter were the ones about who is the greatest ? The disciples would not tell Jesus about what they had been talking about on the road at first, most likely because they were a bit ashamed, they had been working out who was the greatest ! Jesus points out that not even he is the greatest as he only points to the one who sent him ! Then the verse talks about welcoming little children, I guess we are all still little children in the eyes of God, still arguing over who is the greatest ! Perhaps as we approach Easter we can have a look around and see which 'child' we could welcome ?

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