Friday, 26 February 2016

Repairing a Tyre

The roads around here often have sharp flints on them and over the years Mr Shoestring and I have come to realise that there is no point putting expensive tyres on the car as they will need replaced due to punctures at least annually.

The little car I use to get to work has had a slow puncture since Christmas and we have just been pumping it up every few days when it looks low. However, I went to a visit friend about 50 miles away and used a very busy motorway to get there and did worry about what the tyre might be doing at 70mph. When I got back we decided that the tyre had to be replaced at a cost of around 75 pounds, ouch !

Off went Mr Shoestring to our usual tyre place, very local, cheaper than most. He was busy and short-handed and said that he wouldn't be able to do the replacement until the following week. So Mr Shoestring decided to try elsewhere at a smaller place he had seen advertised. The people there offered to fix the tyre, for a third of the cost of replacing it. Of course Mr Shoestring said'Yes!'

I was delighted when he returned with a fixed tyre and a bill considerable smaller than we were anticipating ! All because he decided to try somewhere new, just goes to show that even if you think your usual place is the cheapest supplier it is still worth asking around.

Do you have favourite repair places you can recommend ?

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