Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Gathering up the Scraps

A day of gathering up some little bits and pieces from around the place and putting them to good use. It started with a tub full of pumpkin puree defrosted from the freezer which had been made with this year's Halloweend pumpkin. Master Shoestring loves pumpkin loaf so while he was at table tennis one was made and cut into three pieces, one he can eat now, one in another tim for later and a bit in the freezer to make sure it lasts more than 1 day !

Then I made a poppy seed cake with no sugar for Mr Shoestring, he's been rather missing treats over the last week or two as he tries to shift the few pounds put on over Christmas. This was a low fat cake and used up the end of a bag of poppy seeds, so another scrap put to good use.

My favourite re-use today was cutting up a silk cushion cover, originally John Lewis but I paid 10p in a jumble sale. It looked very nice on the sofa for a few months until Master Shoestring's robust use of it for pillow fights with Mr Shoestring and his sibling led to a few holes ! I wanted to reclaim the zip, which took all of 2 minutes thanks to a seam ripper but then I looked at all that silk, a lovely blue and wondered what I could use the undamaged bits for. A sudden inspiration for hankies struck ! Now Mr Shoestring has 5 new silk hankies and I even a few scraps left !

Do you re-purpose worn-out items ? Abbi over at Proverbs 31 has some lovely pictures of rag rugs , really inspirational !


  1. Oh yummy! I love making pumpkin bread from frozen puree, always wonderful to make a fresh loaf. I liked your idea of cutting it up to make it go farther. And you are very frugal to make 5 silk hankies out of one pillow, that is awesome! :)

  2. The pumpkin bread looks delicious. I really should make some soon - though at our house it would truly be squash bread as that is what we have a lot of. I would never have thought of using silk for hankies. Does that work well? Great job of the repurposing!