Thursday, 18 February 2016


I was delighted to receive an email from TopCashback today to say that I had 24 pounds and 15 pence waiting to be paid into my bank account. Since I just had a discount load of wood delivered the money was very welcome as it should cover about a quarter of the cost !

TopCashback are a website that you can join in the UK, other countries may have similar schemes but if you click through to other merchants or services via them you can earn discounts and money off. This little bonus was because we had taken out a new energy contract via a comparison website back in August. I had forgotten about the generous discount but now it was a lovely surprise. I shall have to remember to try out some more of their offers, especially the free ones where you earn money but don't have to spend any.

I do have a reminder pinned up near the computer to help me use the site more but sadly I often order without checking whether I could get a discount. For instance this week I ordered 900 litres of manure online and did not check if a discount was offered, this little windfall has reminded me that I should try harder !

Do you have any discount schemes you would recommend ?

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