Friday, 19 February 2016


I have been in 2 minds about Ebay since the Summer when I tried to sell a few items that were left over from us changing the sitting room decor. We had some solid brass candle sconces which I thought that no-one in the charity shop would want but might be of some use to someone renovating an old place. So they were photographed and duly listed at a very low price, they sold very quickly and I thought that 5 pounds was a good price to get for old junk ! Then the post office said how much the postage would be ! All the profit gone ! Then a PayPal look-alike scam tried to get hold of the money ! I decided that Ebay was not worth the hassle.

However, yesterday, cleaning out a drawer in the study I found a brand new HP364 cartridge from a printer we no longer have, I was very tempted to put it in the bag for Oxfam which was ready to go by the front door. Then I got to thinking how much that cartridge had been new, over 20 pounds and how much we were trying to save. So I put it on Ebay for 8 pounds in the hope that someone would get a bargain and they did ! Just off to post it now. I'm glad that I gave Ebay a second go.

Do you use Ebay for buying or selling ?


  1. Yes I do, I want to sell at least 20 unwanted items a month, it's all extra money for the kitty, I also put items on for collection only and put cash on collection only to save paypal fees x

  2. I've sold things on ebay, and if you take into consideration the shipping when you list the item, then very often you can make some extra money. It is so true that the shipping can steal all your profit if you're not careful!