Saturday, 6 February 2016

Weekend Table Tennis Fun

Master Shoestring plays table tennis at home but also at a club on Wednesday evenings and some weekends. There are also classes in some of the school holidays. This weekend there is a tournament in a town close by, about half an hour away, which he will be going to. The tournament lasts all day from 9am to 4pm and he has to take food with him as the venue has no cafe (very frugal!). The nice thing is that there is no charge for spectating so we can go along and watch for a bit at the start or all day or just for a bit at the end.

Some of the juniors are really good and it is nice to think that we might be watching some Olympic champions in the making. With tickets for professional sporting events in the tens if not hundreds of pounds we get a lot of weekend fun out of supporting Master Shoestring and his friends in amateur sporting matches.

Do you have free to attend sporting matches near you ?

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