Saturday, 13 February 2016

Board Games

Board games are something we reserve for playing when we have a lot of time and can leave the game out to come back to on subsequent evenings. But with half term starting today a board game post seemed timely !

We keep 2 shelves in the sitting room stocked with games, some of them are new but most have been acquired for pennies at jumble sales. Board games can be very expensive to buy new and buying cheaply gives you the chance to try out the game without investing too much. If you like it, when your jumble sale version falls apart you can ask for a newer one as a present !

Monopoly is a great favourite in this household but the level of competition and bad feeling it can generate has led me to banning it sometimes and requesting that something gentler, like Ticket to Ride is played !

Board games work for all ages and are great for power cuts too so that are definitely something you should have in your frugal entertainment cupboard !

Which is your favourite game ?

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  1. My kids like to play Risk a lot, it is a great group game, and involves strategy. I agree that board games are a wonderful way to spend evenings as a family together! :)