Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Bulk Buying for the Garden

The soil in our garden is almost pure sand, a fact we discovered when the septic tank had to be replaced a couple of years ago. There are just a couple of inches of top soil on top and under the sand is a layer of clay which makes the ground very hard to dig. So in order to grow anything at all we have to add compost or manure every year.

We have been buying the local garden centre's special offer but then Mr Shoestring has to lug it all home and since the garden is very large we also need a lot so the price mounts up. When I saw bulk deliveries of compost advertised online I thought this would be great, delivered to your door for free as well. Alas, it is the same price as the special offers at the garden centre, around 8p a litre but it will save Mr Shoestring's back. However, he did point out that those 900l will be dumped at the front and someone will have to use a wheelbarrow to ferry it about the garden, I wonder if he meant me !

In case you are wondering we do have 2 compost bins as well which we have been using a lot too but mostly we don't see any compost as the local wildlife eats what we put in the bins, including several rats, so we stopped composting this winter and are wondering how to rat-proof the bins.

Do you compost ? How do you keep the local wildlife away, especially rats ?

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