Wednesday, 10 February 2016

How to make your own cards

Over the years we have saved a fortune by making our own cards for all sorts of events. We save all the cards we get to help with card making but also take photographs throughout the year to print out and use.

The wild rose picture above is one I have just used to make a card for my sister's 50th birthday. I buy card and envelopes on sale in either the post Christmas or Summer sales. Pound shops can also be a good source of card and envelopes. I aim that the card and envelope cost no more than 5p so with the cost of printing the photograph the whole card should cost 10p or less. This is a big saving on the 2 or 3 pounds which a fancy card can cost. I also enjoy making them so it is a frugal hobby !

The pictures or photographs are stuck on the card and then outlined with a coloured marker, I often use gold or silver to make them really stand out. Then I write the greeting inside the card using the same marker, so the inside and the outside of the card have a link.

Many people have said that they especially like the cards with flower photographs and they have also admired the ones we can make more personal with photographs of family or places with special memories. I think that personalising something for the one you are sending it to is the best bit of making a card, but I also like the saving !

Do you make cards ?

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