Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Living More with Less

This book was written by Doris Janzen Longacre who is better known for her More with Less cookbook. I used to have a copy of the cookbook but in the end gave it to someone whose family did not have as many complicated diets as we had as the recipes were heavily dairy orientated and that did not work so well for us. But this book, the one she struggled to finish before she died, is full of ideas for living on less and giving more which I find very inspiring.

Part one of the book contains five short chapters about why it is important to live on less so others can have more. That idea that in the Western world we have diseases from the excess we live on whereas in other parts of the world people have diseases from the lack of the essentials is very convicting. Similar ideas have appeared in other books since 1980 when this one appeared but no there book seems to go into so much detail or give so many examples of how life will be improved by giving to others.

Part two of the book then goes into details about using less in every area of life from Transport to Celebrations and contains ten chapters each of which give lots of ideas from real people about how they 'live more with less'. With Lent starting next week I particularly enjoyed the reminder that you could keep one meal a week as your 'poverty meal' and save the difference to give to a charity which makes a lasting difference in the lives of the poor. We have done this in the past and got involved with an organisation called 'Mary's Meals' which allows primary school children in the developing world to have a nutritious meal at school cooked by people who otherwise would not have a job, win-win for all involved as the children learn better by being better fed. I also really liked the sec ion on making tin can toys and games to play whilst on a long journey.

The book is just full of real-life ideas, all sent in by people who give you just a glimpse into their everyday lives and that I really enjoy as well. I love dipping into this book and am so full of gratitude to everyone who contributed and Doris who collected it all, may her legacy live on !

What is your favourite tip for living more with less ?

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  1. What a wonderful book, I'm sure! I've never heard of it, but the concept from scripture "it is better to give than to receive" rings true, doesn't it! I will look for this book, it sounds like a wonderful read! :)