Thursday, 11 February 2016

The Wholefoods Allergy Cookbook

I use this recipe book almost every week and found it to be very useful at the start of our cooking for allergy journey. The author writes from her own experience and also explains how difficult it can be for the whole family when popular dishes are declared 'out-of-bounds' ! It was a desire to help a family member that created the recipes in the first place and that real-life experience comes through in the book.

I have several recipes in this book marked for weekly use including the felafels (although my newly discovered one for using Gram flour might take precedence now ! ) and hummus. In fact all the recipes in the Vegetable Entree section are good and we have made them multiple times. It is a book from the USA which can mean a bit of translation here and there but the trusty internet is always there to tell you what cilantro etc is !

One of the other things I really like about the book is that there is a whole section on breakfasts, including lots of pancake recipes which don't use eggs, just the thing for Pancake Day week !

Do you have a favourite 'allergen-free' recipe ?

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