Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Spending the IKEA christmas tree voucher

IKEA is quite far away from us in London but we did make the trip very early one Saturday in December to buy a Christmas tree. The area around us is fairly affluent and it is common to see Christmas trees priced at 40 pounds plus. I really love a real tree in the house, lit with real candles, which we buy online. I've never had a fire as we are always really careful ! But the trip to IKEA was to get one of their no-needle drop trees. With the tree comes a 20 pound voucher which you can spend later in the year effectively making the tree a 5 pound bargain !

So we went to spend the voucher today and got 2 yo-yos, 2 colouring pencil sets and 2 teddies for the shoebox appeal next Christmas. As well as that we also got 4 red pillowcases for making Christmas gifts, I wanted red fabric but there was no assistant to price it so the pillowcases were a good substitute ! Also a set of 6 rainbow plastic mugs to replace all those glasses which have broken on the stone kitchen floor, these ones should bounce !

The only annoyance was that we were also hoping to get some of their cheap LED bulbs but every single one was a screw fitting rather than a bayonet one ! I guess it is those sort of things, as well as some of the food which helps you remember this is not a UK firm !

Anyway, I rather like this promotion and hope that they run it again next year !


  1. What a great promotion! I love Ikea! We lived near to one years ago, and loved going to get great deals there. :)

  2. Gosh, it is amazing to think that we shop the same international store !