Saturday, 12 November 2016

A Penny Pinching Book Review

The lady who wrote this book has a website as well, donna but I first started reading her when we lived in the USA and she was experiencing very tough times. The advice was always very sensible and do-able but also really clear. I think the new website is not quite so hard- core frugal, for instance it gives away gift cards now, which would not have been possible a few years ago I don't think. However, the advice in this book is based on her tough times and I think it has made a good addition to my bookshelf.

The book opens with a suggestion that you make a plan to see how little money you can live on over a month in an emergency and see whether you have enough savings to cover that. We have done this in the past but it was a good reminder to try it again. The each chapter takes one area and talks about how you could get spending down to the bare minimum in that area. For instance for Housing, could you find a job that provides it ?

I liked this book as it reminded me just how little we could live on if we had to and was also a good reminder to start rebuilding those savings after we have helped the children out a lot this year !

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