Thursday, 17 November 2016

Hospitality for Guests

USAShoestring arrives today to wait for the renewal of his visa. He is not sure how long it might take but it could be several weeks so we have been busy making his room comfortable for him. We have been using it as a games room so it needed turning back into a guest room.

The first thing was making up the bed with linens which we just keep for guests. This makes sure that they do not get too much wear so they look nice when the guest arrives. Similarly with towels. We always put out a flannel, a hand towel and two bath towels so there are plenty of showering and also make sure that the bathroom has clean towels and has been cleaned before a guest arrives. In extreme cases, the children are told not to use the bathroom to make sure it stays clean !

Then we make sure that there is a good reading light for night time and plenty of storage space for clothes and a suitcase. Then we check that the internet connection is working in that room and that there is information on how to access it. If it is someone who might want to work whilst they are with is we also make sure that there is a desk or table in the room that they can work at.

Final checks are that the curtains draw properly and keep out the light and that the heating is on and working. On arrival guests are also shown where to find spare blankets and pillows and how to make a hot drink.

All of this should ensure that they have a comfy stay with you !

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