Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Jumble Sale Haul for Master Shoestring

The jumble sale on Saturday was at a secondary school so I went in hope that I might find some school uniform which was not too worn ! Sure enough, the ladies at the sale were prepared and had sorted out the uniform items and were charging slightly more for them, that the other jumble sale clothes.
I did not mind because all the I got 4 items for £2, which was 50p an item.

The first thing I spotted was a pair of black school trousers. Boys trousers in teenage sizes are very hard to find, as they are either worn out or a funny shape. These were fine and the right size for next year, which will be the last year that Master Shoestring has to wear uniform so those were grabbed !

The next things to be grabbed were 3 long-sleeved school shirts, which were also in the correct size for next year. I just had to check that they were shirts and not blouses !

The trousers would have cost £6.50 new from the cheapest supplier and were from Marks and Spencer, so more expensive than I usually buy. The shirts would have been £3.25 new so instead of spending £16.25 I got the lot for £2 and know that the money will be going to after school clubs at the school. So although the price was higher than usual at a jumble sale I still think that I got a bargain !

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